«Arancery« on car in Piazza di Città. Nikon D810, 120 mm (24-120 mm ƒ/4) 1/250" ƒ/8 ISO 400

“Aranceri” on a car in Piazza di Città

Every year, in Ivrea, Italy, during Carnival, the people stand up to recall and celebrate the story of Violetta, the miller’s newly wed daughter who was supposed to lay, on her first night as a bride, with the lord of the town, according to an old infamous principle named “jus primae noctis”.   Continue reading



Volterra, former psychiatric asylum, Maragliano Pavillion. January 2017. Nikon D810, 24 mm ( 24-120.0 mm ƒ/4) 1/6" ƒ/8 ISO 64.

Volterra, former psychiatric asylum, Maragliano Pavillion

Mental asylums radiate a mysterious allure soaked with anguish, injustice, prevarication and deceit.

Volterra former psychiatric hospital originated from an economic evaluation. In the XVIII century, the community of Pisa used to send its own mental patients at a dear price to Siena. To save money, the city launched an offer that was met by Volterra. Therefore, the Mendicity Hospice of this town welcomed the initial body of mental patients and, in 1989 the Mental Asylum was established. The first pavilion was erected near a hilltop called Poggio alle Croci. Continue reading

“MilleMiglia” – Best Race In The World – 3

From the start of the final run, from Chiari to Gussago, we already knew the teams that most likely would step up on the podium at the end of the race. Continue reading