…up and down the underground trains, passing through the main monuments of the City-On-The-Seven-Hills, trying to catch the spirit of the place.

Early visitors on the stairs to Trinità dei Monti. Nikon D810, 35 mm (35.0 mm ƒ/2) 1/160 ƒ/4 ISO 64

Quite frankly, we did not find the situation so dramatic in Rome. Fairly clean streets, trains running in time, a lot of refurbishing in progress and lots of visitors around the landmarks of the city.

Rome Transit

The Diversified Community Of The Capital

A city with a population of residents and transients.

Three Different Approaches to Life

The Madman

He was standing at the 716 bus stop in Garbatella. He could not stop talking and talking. He faced me but he didn’t need my attention. He seamed to talk to an invisible somebody. He sounded extremely knowledgable, trying to connect economic, financial, military and criminal facts of the ‘900 having some kind of link to the present century. This exhausting activity must have had a disruptive impact on his mind sanity.


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