Toyota TS050 Hybrid with Anthony Davidson at the First Chicane.

When you have the Monza circuit in your backyard, it’s not easy to ignore the return to the “Autodromo” of the sport prototypes that are challenging each others in the Le Mans 24 hours endurance race.

The Monza Park, surrounding the track with its secular trees ,  dispensed a full variety of light situations: overcast, sunshine, rain from dusk till the end of the tests in pitch-dark.

The appeal of the beautiful bodies in their beauty, and of the ugly ones, in their colorful ugliness impelled our right forefinger to keep pressing the shutter button in search of the perfect shot.

The good news is that, this time, the organization had set-up a shuttle service for the photographers to move from a location to the other, so that it was possible to catch the feel of the competition from perspectives we had not taken in consideration before, due to the distance from each others.

The bad news is that we took zillions of shots that we had to sort, label, select and, eventually, publish in an order that can make sense to the uninformed public.

During my younger years, as a fan of the races, cars run strictly on gasoline. A while ago I saw the fastest Peugeot and Audi prototypes rocketing at the Le Mans race running on diesel power. Today, front runners Porsche and Toyota race on hybrid cars. A sign of the times.

(Testo italiano qui)


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