Rosa nera. Nikon D810, 105.0 mm (105.0 mm ƒ/2.8) 1/100" ƒ/4.5 ISO 80

I don’t know how my translation may sound. For sure, the italian Zanzotto’s original verses are lovely.

Rose ai pilastri, rose lungo i muri
e dentro i vasi, da per tutto rose
che sbocciano fiammanti e sanguinose
come ferite sopra i seni impuri.

Rose thee dai bei labri immaturi
dalle fini ceramiche untuose,
rose di siepe, rose rugiadose
avvinghiate ai cancelli e ai vecchi muri.

Eruzione di rose nei giardini,
di rive sanguinose ed odorose,
vive e rampanti per la mia ringhiera.

Rose e rose ne i miei vasi murrini
rose odorose, rose sanguinose
rosee bocche della primavera!

Roses on pillars, roses along the walls
grounded in vases, roses everywhere
flaming and bloody blossoms
wounds over impure bosoms.

Tea roses with lovely unripe edges
provided with a fine,  porcelain finish
hedge roses, dewy roses
clasped to gates and onto ancient fences

Rashes of roses in the gardens
proper of bloody and scented banks
alive and rampant on my handrail.

Roses and roses in my murrhine jars
scented roses, bloody roses
rosy embouchements of the springtime

Andrea Zanzotto


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