Just Leave!

Santiago Calatrava. Reggio Emilia, Stazione AV Mediopadana. Nikon D750, 105 mm (105.0 mm ƒ/2.8) 1/160" ƒ/7.1 ISO 100

Santiago Calatrava. Reggio Emilia, Stazione AV Mediopadana.

Ok. England and Wales have decided to leave the EU. Good for them. Have a safe journey. Enjoy the view.

The World will no longer be the same place. Not that the World has been bursting with health lately. Europe looses a reluctant member. The (formerly-United) Kingdom looses affiliation to one uneasy club. Maybe two.

Forget immigration. More than a vote against the status quo, this looks mostly like an act of class warfare. A part of the population, the elder, the less educated, the more dependent on demand for manual work and manufacturing, has signaled to be “mad as Hell and not going to take this anymore”, just to quote a 1976 classic Sidney Lumet feature (see below).

Risks and opportunities. It’s desirable that the “establishment”, here in the EU and in the UK, bears in mind that, if they want to keep democracy in place, they have to change the way things are being managed. And that will be better for all of us. But they’ll have to rush to negotiate e worst deal for themselves and a better deal for the less-fortunate-others that increasingly exceed half the voting population.

Let’s build more bridges, or else there will be more departures. Or worse. And more pain, unless you are a railway.



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